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the Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Index

Rabbit Breeders of Kentucky

Aya Sora Rabbitry
Heather Vandiver
Dutch, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Velveteen Lop
Main focus is on Dutch in Blue, Tort and Steel.  Velveteen Lop is just getting under way.
Listed: 11/24/09
Dearborn Desert Rabbitry
Michelle Foley
Primary focus is on black and blue otters for both show and meat. Small family rabbitry, occasionally have show prospects available.
Listed: 11/25/09
Kaleidoscope Farm
Sharon Michael
Rex, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Kaleidoscope Farm primarily breeds Rex for home meat and fur production in a variety of colors. Foundation stock all came from reputable breeders and all Rex sold come with a 3 generation pedigree. We also occasionally have a few small pet rabbits, Mini Rex and Holland Lop, as I am working to develop a small "Plush Lop" from crosses between the Mini Rex and Holland Lops. More information about this project on the blog here:
Listed: 12/16/09

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