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the Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Index

Rabbit Breeders of North Carolina

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BL's Bunny Barn

Brandi Loughrey

Harmony, North Carolina

Jersey Woolies and English Lops

Breeding and showing Jersey Woolies and English Lops since 2005. Come on in and visit our site!

Listed: 11/01/09



 Hamilton's Hoppin' Lops

Malena Hamilton

Leicester, North Carolina

Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs

Hamilton's Hoppin' Lops is a small rabbitry located in the mountains of western NC. We raise quality Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf bunnies for show, breeding and pets.

Listed: 11/01/09


Keep's Rabbitry
Kristen Drum
North Carolina  
Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies, Belgian Hares
Keep's Rabbitry is a small rabbitry with big aspirations, breeding top quality animals.

Listed: 11/01/09

Lyle Creek Rabbitry
Joni Moore
Central North Carolina
Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies

Listed: 11/01/09

Rockin' Y Rabbitry
Jessica Yonce
North Carolina
Holland Lops, Thriantas, Mini Rex, Havana, Satins
Rockin' Y Rabbitry raises quality rabbits for show, companion or meat purposes.
Listed: 11/20/09
Brendan's Netherland Dwarfs
Brendan Hamilton
North Carolina
Netherland Dwarfs
Youth breeder in western NC, raising Black Otter Netherland Dwarfs

Listed: 11/21/09
Bentwillow Bunnies
Beth Hayes
North Carolina
(919) 971-0269
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
Central North Carolina, convenient to Raleigh/Cary/Chapel Hill/Durham/Greensboro.  Grand Champion lines, with a focus on type.  Pets and breeding/show stock.  Holland Lop - tortoise shell, black/blue, siamese sable/smoke pearl, broken patterns and solids.  Netherland Dwarfs - chestnut, otter, black, REW, siamese sable, siamese sable marten, and brokens.
Listed: 11/21/09
North Carolina
Holland lops, English Angoras, French Lops, Velveteen Lops focuses on the lop breeds of bunnies and other breeds of rare bunnies. We show our bunnies but number 1 is we breed for personality.

Listed: 11/24/09
Full Circle Farm
Rebecca Irvin
North Carolina
Californians, New Zealand Reds & Whites, American Chinchilla, Lionheads
 Raising primarily for meat and show, we also raise American Chinchillas, a heritage breed.
Listed: 11/24/09
O'Kelley's O'Hares
Sharon O'Kelley
North Carolina
Holland Lops
We are a small rabbitry and breed quality Holland Lop rabbits for show and sale since 1996.

Listed: 11/30/09
Critter Capers
Mike Laskowski
North Carolina
French Angoras, Satin Angoras
  French and Satin Angoras with easy-care coats and great bodies under all that wool!
Listed: 12/01/09
Little T's Rabbitry
Trace Hogan
North Carolina
Jersey Wooly
Youth Breeder of quality Jersey Woolies

Listed: 12/01/09



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