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English Lop Rabbit Breeders

"King of the Fancy"

English Lop photo provided by Holly of Choxic Rabbitry

Max Weight: none

English Lop photo provided by Lindsay of Lindsay's Lops


Wroyal Reign Lops
Rachelle Tarango
(805) 712-7272
English Lops, American Fuzzy Lops
Offering exquisite English Lops and American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits. Raised for Show and Companion Quality.  Since 1992.
Listed 11/20/09

Lindsay's Lops
Lindsay Waldrep
English Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Belgian Hares
Beautiful AZ Grown Bunnies! English are our main focus, as most are Grand Champions! We also raise BEW Netherland Dwarfs, Hollands in a rainbow of colors, and have just added a Trio of Hares to our Herd.
Listed: 11/21/09
Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
Colleen Morrill
New Jersey
Holland Lops, English Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Velveteen Lops, Lionheads
Quality Holland & English Lops. Home of the 2009 ARBA Convention BOS English Lop winner & 1st place Solid Jr. Doe Holland Lop!

Listed: 11/21/09
Robin's Backyard Bunnys
Robin Hruz
English Lops, Velveteen Lops, Lionheads
Raising quality rabbits, a sweet temperament a must!
Listed: 11/21/09

Luck -E- Lops

Kate Whaley

New York

English Lops

A  small rabbitry in Upstate NY focusing on English Lops.

Listed: 11/24/09

English Lop photo provided by Holly of Choxic Rabbitry
Edens' French Lops
Patrick and Lynn Eden
French Lops, English Lops, Himalayans
Raising quality French and English Lops.
Listed: 11/25/09
My Little Sweetie Rabbitry
Jenn Badger
English Lops
Listed: 11/30/09
Samantha's Hidaway Hutch
Samantha Stuart
English Lops, Rhinelanders
Samantha's Hidaway Hutch focuses on breeding the best English Lops and Rhinelanders.
Listed: 11/30/09
Blue Pez Rabbitry
Misty Hunt
English Lops, Mini Rex (REW, Red), Velveteen Lops
Blue Pez Rabbitry is located in Centralia, WA.  We are concentrating on improving the breed of rabbits we raise, including LONG ears on our lops!  We are fairly new, but on our way with rabbits from great lines!
Listed: 12/01/09
Pease & Carrots Rabbitry
Molly Pease
English Lops, Champagne D'Argents
Raising quality English Lops since 1999 and Champagne D'Argents since 2008. Home of the 1st place Broken Senior Buck, 2nd place Solid Intermediate Buck & Doe, 5th place Solid Jr Doe & many other top 10 placings at the 2009 ARBA Convention Open!
Listed: 12/01/09
Hoffman's English Lops
Matt Hoffman
English Lop, French Lop, Checkered Giant, Roan, Dalmation, and Black Cavies
I have been breeding and showing English Lops for 8 years. I am also working with a small group of French Lops and Checkered Giants. I have been breeding Roan, Dalmation and Black American cavies for 4 years.
Listed: 12/29/09
White Lightning Rabbitry
Wendy L Showers
English Lop, Mini Rex, Standard Chinchilla
Listed: 4/21/10
Paige's Perfect Pets
Paige Hennighan
New Jersey
Lilac, Mini Lop, English Lop
Small rabbitry focusing on Mini lop,Lilac,and English Lop breed.
Listed: 4/21/10
Haas' Happenin' Hoppers
Salena Haas
Holland Lops, English Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads
We show holland lops, mini lops, and english lops. We also breed lionheads but do not currently show them. We like to experiment with breeding different colors including blue eyed white, chocolate and shaded in the holland breed. We currently strive to produce the best show quality rabbits, and we always have pet rabbits or retired show rabbits for sale.
Listed: 4/21/10


English Lop photos provided by Holly of Choxic Rabbitry


English Lop photo provided by Molly of Pease & Carrots Rabbitry


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