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the Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Index

French Lop Rabbit Breeders

"King of the Fancy"

French Lop photo provided by Lynn of Spanish Oak Rabbitry

Max Weight: none

French Lop photo provided by Whitney of Imagination Rabbitry

Sunny Brook Rabbitry
Kim and Cristina Posey
British Columbia, Canada
Mini Lops, Mini Rex(Castor, Blue,Black, Red), Netherland Dwarfs(Otters, Chestnuts), French Lops
Striving for the best type possible in all 4 of our breeds. Always quality before Quantity.
Listed: 11/21/09
North Carolina
Holland lops, English Angoras, French Lops, Velveteen Lops focuses on the lop breeds of bunnies and other breeds of rare bunnies. We show our bunnies but number 1 is we breed for personality.

Listed: 11/24/09
Robb's Frenchies
Robb Todd
French Lops
Listed: 11/24/09

Spanish Oak Rabbitry
Lynn Miller



French Lops

Show and pet quality French Lop rabbits. Specializing in rare colors.

Listed: 11/24/09

Heavenly Hops of Love Rabbitry
Leslie Braaten
Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 764-2514
Holland Lops, French Lops, Jersey Wooly, Lionheads
Heavenly Hops of Love Rabbitry was born from a life long love of rabbits that is now being passed down to my children.

Listed: 11/24/09
Hoppy Acres Rabbitry
Sharin Engler
Alberta, Canada

Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionheads & occasionally French Lops & Flemish Giants
Breeding Show Quality Bunnies with Pet Personalities

Listed: 11/25/09
Edens' French Lops
Patrick and Lynn Eden
French Lops, English Lops, Himalayans
Raising quality French and English Lops.
Listed: 11/25/09
Hoffman's English Lops
Matt Hoffman
English Lop, French Lop, Checkered Giant, Roan, Dalmation, and Black Cavies
I have been breeding and showing English Lops for 8 years. I am also working with a small group of French Lops and Checkered Giants. I have been breeding Roan, Dalmation and Black American cavies for 4 years.
Listed: 12/29/09
K2M's Hare Force Rabbitry
Melissa McMullen
French and Holland Lops
 Listed: 2/11/2010

French Lop photos provided by Karen from RKA Rabbitry


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