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Polish Rabbit Breeders

"the Little Aristocrat"


Polish photo provided by Jamie Dively of Sulfur Spring Rabbitry

Max Weight: 3.5 lbs

B & E Rabbitry

Elise Vaughn



Dutch, Flemish Giants, Polish, New Zealands

We breed pedigreed show/pet quality Dutch, Polish, Flemish Giants and New Zealands.

Listed: 11/30/09

Mary Whitney
Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Mini Satins (Chinchilla), Satins, Polish, Silver Fox, Teddy, Satin Teddy
Listed: 11/25/09
All Ear's Rabbitry
Jessica Egan
American Fuzzy Lops, adding Netherland Dwarfs, Thrianta, Polish
All Ear's Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Bakersfield, CA. We strive to improve our breeds through strict breeding and tight culling.

Listed: 12/01/09
Sulfur Spring Rabbitry
Jamie Dively
Holland Lops, Polish, Netherland Dwarf
Striving for excellence, Sulphur Spring Rabbitry raises top quality. We also have a variety of colors.
Listed: 12/01/09
LA Lions
ARBA Registered Rabbitry #A356
Lee A. Nevills
Lionhead, Silver Fox, Holland Lops & BEW Polish
ARBA Certificate of Development holder for the Lionhead breed in the varieties of Chocolate, Chocolate Tortoise, Lilac, Opal & Seal.  Specializing in non-recognized varieties in other breeds, such as Blue Silver Fox and Lilac Polish in addition to BEW Polish and a small herd of Holland Lops.  A lifetime ARBA member with over 30 yrs practical rabbit raising experience.

Listed: 12/01/09
Kayla's Rabbitry
Kayla Campbell
West Virginia
Polish, Netherland Dwarf
Kayla's Rabbitry is located in Morgantown, WVa; where we raise Polish in all 6 colors and Netherland Dwarfs in BEW and Tort colors.
Listed: 2/11/2010
Painted Whiskers Rabbitry
Sherry Hines
Polish, Dutch, Mini Rex
Our rabbitry is family operated.  We raise and show Dutch, (Black, Blue, Grey, Tort), Polish (Black, Chocolate, Blue and Brokens in all colors) Mini-Rex (Castor and broken)
Listed: 2/11/2010

Polish photo provided by Jamie Dively of Sulfur Spring Rabbitry

Polish photo provided by Jamie Dively of Sulfur Spring Rabbitry


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