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Rhinelander Rabbit Breeders

Photos Provided by Whitney of Imagination Rabbitry

"Calico of the Fancy"

Rhinelanders are a striking tri-color breed of rabbit. One of the few running breeds, Rhinelanders are judged in the show room as they elegantly bound across the show table displaying their sweeping arches and flashy markings.


Rhinelanders were originally developed in Germany by crossing Harlequin rabbits with Checkered Giants. The resulting breed is full of character, they have the bold energy of the Checkered and the placid gentle nature of the Harlequin.


Rhinelanders are currently recognized by ARBA in the standard black, orange and white coloration but a Certificate of Development is currently held for a Blue variety. Rhinelander markings vary greatly, the ideal is 6-8 side spots balanced evenly on each flank with a tapering spine marking, nose butterfly, colored ears, eye circles, and cheek spots. Rhinelander litters can contain a variety of babies, nicely marked specimens, along with bunnies whose markings are very congested making them unshowable. They can also have babies with too few markings which are called "charlies," and solid orange and black brindled babies called "sports."

Photo provided by Whitney of Imagination Rabbitry


The variety in litters and the small percentage of showable rabbits make Rhinelanders a real challenge to breed. Their hardy nature, even temperament and unending playful antics make them a real charm to keep.


Max Weight: 10 lbs. 


The Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America Website

The Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America is an ARBA chartered national breed specialty club for Rhinelanders, details on joining and more information about the breed can be found on the website.


The Rhinelander Rabbit Yahoo Group

An excellent resource for the Rhinelander enthusiast to connect with other Rhinelander breeders via message board.

Imagination Rabbitry

Whitney Post

Central Virginia

Rhinelanders, Belgian Hares

A small rabbitry focusing on rare and heritage breeds.

Listed: 11/01/09

Samantha's Hidaway Hutch
Samantha Stuart
English Lops, Rhinelanders
Samantha's Hidaway Hutch focuses on breeding the best English Lops and Rhinelanders.
Listed: 11/30/09
Young Rhinelanders, both marked babies and charlies.

Photo provided by Whitney of Imagination Rabbitry
Young Rhinelanders, marked babies and a charlie.

Photo provided by Whitney of Imagination Rabbitry


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