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Lionhead Rabbit Breeders

Lionhead photos provided by Jodi of Bethsbunnybarn


Max Weight: 3.75 lbs.

Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
Colleen Morrill
New Jersey
Holland Lops, English Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Velveteen Lops, Lionheads
Quality Holland & English Lops. Home of the 2009 ARBA Convention BOS English Lop winner & 1st place Solid Jr. Doe Holland Lop!
Listed: 11/21/09

Zoom Rabbitry
Jim Krahulec
Mini Satins, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads
Two of my breeds used to be rare. I was the first presenter of the Mini Satin, and even though I did not get them recognized by the ARBA, they are now recognized and showable in 5 varieties: white, red, siamese, chin and opal.  In addition to many colors in the Lionheads, I am specializing in BEW.  Lionheads are having a hard time getting recognized by the ARBA.
Listed: 11/21/09
Courtney Deneault
(301) 885-8548
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Raising Holland Lops in standard colors including Blue-Eyed White (BEW), Mini Rexes in Red, Netherland Dwarfs in Chinchilla and Black Silver Marten, and Lionheads in Red, Chestnut, Sable Point, and Blue-Eyed White (BEW). Rabbits available year round.

Listed: 11/21/09
Robin's Backyard Bunnys
Robin Hruz
English Lops, Velveteen Lops, Lionheads
Raising quality rabbits, a sweet temperament a must!
Listed: 11/21/09

Jodi Longo
Lionheads, Holland Lops
At Bethysbunnybarn we raise Holland Lops and Lionhead Bunnies. All our bunnies pedigreed and the Lionheads are double-maned. Our bunnies are raised indoors with lots of TLC!  
Listed: 11/21/09
Full Circle Farm
Rebecca Irvin
North Carolina
Californians, New Zealand Reds & Whites, American Chinchilla, Lionheads
 Raising primarily for meat and show, we also raise American Chinchillas, a heritage breed.
Listed: 11/24/09
Heavenly Hops of Love Rabbitry
Leslie Braaten
Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 764-2514
Holland Lops, French Lops, Jersey Wooly, Lionheads
Heavenly Hops of Love Rabbitry was born from a life long love of rabbits that is now being passed down to my children.

Listed: 11/24/09
Low Country Rabbits
Rhonda Huller
South Carolina
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Florida Whites, Harlequins, Thriantas
Listed: 11/24/09
Hoppy Acres Rabbitry
Sharin Engler
Alberta, Canada

Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionheads & occasionally French Lops & Flemish Giants
Breeding Show Quality Bunnies with Pet Personalities

Listed: 11/25/09
Castle Gate
Lisa Brown
Focusing on breeding to the standard in Chestnut, Orange, Siamese Sable, Sable Point, Pointed White, REW, Black, Blue and Tort.
Listed: 11/25/09
Michelle's Rabbits
Michelle Reed

Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Rex, Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealands, Lionheads, Lionlops
Listed: 11/28/09
Lotso Bunnies Rabbitry
Elisha Lynch

Holland Lops, Lionheads, Dwarf Hotots, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, Californians
Breeding and raising rabbits for about 21 yrs now.  Started with basic bunnies then got the purebred bug and show bug.
Listed: 12/01/09

Bronwyn's Bunnies Rabbitry

Rebecca Blanks

(256) 479-9071

Harlequins, Silver Martens, Creme D'Argents, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex

We are a small family run rabbitry located in North Alabama.  We strive for rabbits that conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection as well has having sweet, loving dispositions.  Currently we raise Harlequin, Silver Marten, Creme D'Argent, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead. Please contact us with any questions!

Listed: 12/01/09

LA Lions
ARBA Registered Rabbitry #A356
Lee A. Nevills

Lionhead, Silver Fox, Holland Lops & BEW Polish
ARBA Certificate of Development holder for the Lionhead breed in the varieties of Chocolate, Chocolate Tortoise, Lilac, Opal & Seal.  Specializing in non-recognized varieties in other breeds, such as Blue Silver Fox and Lilac Polish in addition to BEW Polish and a small herd of Holland Lops.  A lifetime ARBA member with over 30 yrs practical rabbit raising experience.
Listed: 12/01/09
Bugs Bunny Rabbitry
Dawn Zimmerman
New Jersey
Holland Lops, Lionheads
Breeding Quality Show and Pet Holland Lops and Lionheads
Listed: 12/29/09
 Bunny Safari Rabbitry
Lori and Steffy Doss
New York
My daughter and I have been breeding lionheads since 2008. We have been focusing on Chestnut Agouti, Black Tort, REW, Black, Black Otter, Siamese Sable, and Sable Point.  We breed for correctness in the breed, and most importantly good temperment.
Listed: 2/11/2010
Blue Summer Moon Farm
Mollie Slater-Weatherford
Dutch, Flemish Giant, Jersey Wooly, Lionhead, Mini Lop
Welcome to our Farm and Rabbitry! We proudly raise pedigreed Bunnies and ADGA registered goats! please do not list my email, all customers can contact me thru the website!
Listed: 4/21/10
Quaker Hill Rabbitry
Michelle Potter
Lionhead, Britannia Petite
Small rabbitry located in Northeast PA raising quality lionheads and britannia petites.
Listed: 4/21/10
Haas' Happenin' Hoppers
Salena Haas
Holland Lops, English Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads
We show holland lops, mini lops, and english lops. We also breed lionheads but do not currently show them. We like to experiment with breeding different colors including blue eyed white, chocolate and shaded in the holland breed. We currently strive to produce the best show quality rabbits, and we always have pet rabbits or retired show rabbits for sale.
Listed: 4/21/10
Laikiki's Rabbitry
Lionheads, Mini Lops
Located in the Heart of Tacoma WA, I raise quality purebred double maned lionhead rabbits in tort, sable points, brokens and all diiferent colors that arrise, I have a small rabbitry so that all my babies are handled daily from day one for my bunnies to be as sweet as can be! I also raise Mini lops in REW, Seal , brokens and other colors!
Listed: 4/21/10

Do you have photos of Lionheads you would like to share? Please submit them here!


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