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the Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Index

Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders

Mini Lop photographs provided by Qadoshyah of Hoppin' Herd of Hares Rabbitry

"The Monarch of the Fancy"

Max Weight: 6.5 lbs

Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America Website

The Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America is an ARBA chartered national specialty club for Mini Lops, details on joining and more information about the breed can be found on the website.


Mini Lop photo provided by Qadoshyah of Hoppin' Herd of Hares Rabbitry                     Mini Lop photo provided by Michael of Silent Spring's Rabbitry


Mini Lop photo provided by Lana of Lana's Hip Hoppin Rabbitry


Silent Spring's Rabbitry

Michael Perez

Central California

Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop

Silent Springs Rabbitry is a small rabbitry in Central California that focuses on quality over quantity! We breed shaded and self groups in Jersey Woolies and broken and solid patterns in Mini Lops.

Listed: 11/01/09 


Hoppin' Herd of Hares
Mini Lops
Hoppin' Herd of Hares raises Quality Mini Lops in Colors.
Listed: 11/01/09

Starlight Rabbitry

Danielle Roy

South Louisiana

Satins & Mini Lops

Raising quality Satins and Mini Lops in Southern Louisiana!

Listed 11/01/09



Sunset Rabbitry
Kayla Mainwaring
Dutch, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and Various Meat Breeds
Sunset Rabbitry focuses on great type, and great personalities! We have the more rarer colors in our breeds. We also have BEW in Netherland Dwarfs
Listed: 11/20/09
Sunny Brook Rabbitry
Kim and Cristina Posey
British Columbia, Canada
Mini Lops, Mini Rex(Castor, Blue,Black, Red), Netherland Dwarfs(Otters, Chestnuts), French Lops
Striving for the best type possible in all 4 of our breeds. Always quality before Quantity.
Listed: 11/21/09
HiTail Rabbitry
Becky Stock & Amanda O'Gorman
Netherland Dwarf, Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop, Blanc de Hotot
Listed: 11/21/09

Dynamite Rabbits
Coleman Keegan & Mackenzie Carson
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Rex, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Satins
Quality rabbits raised for show, But also make great pets.
Listed: 11/24/09
Amanda's Little Rascals
Amanda Sautner
Mini Lops
Breeding Mini Lops and specializing in solids.
Listed: 11/24/09
Good Days Rabbitry
Tori Cole
West Virginia
Satin Angoras, Mini Rex, some Mini Lop and Dutch
Good Days Rabbitry focuses on breeding quality Satin Angoras and Mini Rex.  I also have some quality Mini Lops and Dutch that I breed occasionally.  I also have pet quality rabbits if you would just like a bunny to love.  All rabbits are pedigreed and  healthy.  I also offer Satin Angora wool for sale, if interested, as well as, woolers.  Please visit my website and check out the bunnies and their winnings!
Listed: 11/25/09
Lana's Hip Hoppin Rabbitry
Lana Mellentine
Mini Lops
We raise top quality Mini Lops in southern Oregon.
Listed: 11/25/09
Dazzle Bunny Acres
Checkered Giant, Rex, Mini Lop
We specialize in Checkered Giants and have youth raising Mini Lops and Rex breeds.
Listed: 11/25/09
Mary Whitney
Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Mini Satins (Chinchilla), Satins, Polish, Silver Fox, Teddy, Satin Teddy
Listed: 11/25/09
Michelle's Rabbits
Michelle Reed

Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Rex, Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealands, Lionheads, Lionlops
Listed: 11/28/09
Out In The Boondocks Farm and Rabbitry
Michelle Putnam

Mini Lops, Dwarf Hotot
Out In The Boondocks is here to promote and improve the breeding of Mini Lops and Dwarf Hotots rabbits for show and for pets.
Listed: 11/30/09
Mini Lop Babies

Photo provided by Michael of Silent Spring's Rabbitry

Mini Lop Photo Provided by Qadoshyah of Hoppin' Herd of Hares Rabbitry
Enumclaw Exotics Rabbitry
Emily & Marian Brown
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Cinnamons 
Listed: 2/11/2010
Blue Summer Moon Farm
Mollie Slater-Weatherford
Dutch, Flemish Giant, Jersey Wooly, Lionhead, Mini Lop
Welcome to our Farm and Rabbitry! We proudly raise pedigreed Bunnies and ADGA registered goats! please do not list my email, all customers can contact me thru the website!
Listed: 4/21/10
Paige's Perfect Pets
Paige Hennighan
New Jersey
Lilac, Mini Lop, English Lop
Small rabbitry focusing on Mini lop,Lilac,and English Lop breed.
Listed: 4/21/10
Haas' Happenin' Hoppers
Salena Haas
Holland Lops, English Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads
We show holland lops, mini lops, and english lops. We also breed lionheads but do not currently show them. We like to experiment with breeding different colors including blue eyed white, chocolate and shaded in the holland breed. We currently strive to produce the best show quality rabbits, and we always have pet rabbits or retired show rabbits for sale.
Listed: 4/21/10
Laikiki's Rabbitry
Lionheads, Mini Lops
Located in the Heart of Tacoma WA, I raise quality purebred double maned lionhead rabbits in tort, sable points, brokens and all diiferent colors that arrise, I have a small rabbitry so that all my babies are handled daily from day one for my bunnies to be as sweet as can be! I also raise Mini lops in REW, Seal , brokens and other colors!
Listed: 4/21/10


Mini Lop photos provided by Qadoshyah of Hoppin' Herd of Hares Rabbitry


Do you have photos of Mini Lops you would like to share? Please submit them here!


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