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Mini Rex Rabbit Breeders

"the People's Choice"

Blue Mini Rex photo provided by Hannah of Bella's Rabbitry                Red Mini Rex photo provided by Domonique of North Wood Rabbitry.

The Mini Rex has become the most popular breed of rabbit in the United States for its good looks and incredible fur. ARBA currently recognizes 17 varieties of Mini Rex- Black, Blue, Blue eyed white, Broken, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Himalayan, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Otter, Red, Sable Point, Seal, Tortise, and White. The Mini Rex’s most noticeable feature is of course its rex fur. This fur is only 5/8” in length, giving it its plush feeling. Mini Rex have inquisitive personalities and are typically great around children.

Mini Rex are usually a hardy breed, although it is important to provide a resting board in your Mini Rex’s cage to prevent sore hocks. Mini Rex generally have litters of 4-6, although certain lines have been known to have 10-11 kits at one time. Mini Rex make excellent mothers in the summer and winter months.

The Mini Rex is a compact breed, and is posed with its front legs directly under the eyes, and the hind legs directly under the hip. A hand is usually placed over the head and eyes of the rabbit to calm it while the rabbit is being posed. Because of the ease in posing, Mini Rex make a great choice for young children looking for a showmanship or breed rabbit.

Mini Rex Breed description & photo provided by Stephanie of Step Up Mini Rex

Max Weight: 4.5 lbs

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Website

The National Mini Rex Rabbit Club is an ARBA chartered national specialty club for the Mini Rex breed, details on joining and more information about the breed can be found on the website.


Otter Mini Rex photo provided by Stephanie of Step Up Mini Rex



Step Up Mini Rex



Mini Rex

Show quality Mini Rex in Otter and Blue.

Listed: 11/01/09



Northwood Rabbitry
Domonique Gaudreau
Sweden, Maine
Mini Rex, Belgian Hares, with a small scale Jersey Wooly project.
Listed 11/01/09

Rockin' Y Rabbitry
Jessica Yonce
North Carolina
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Thriantas, Havana, Satins
Rockin' Y Rabbitry raises quality rabbits for show, companion or meat purposes.
Listed: 11/20/09
The Tanning Salon Rabbitry
Kelsie Grimsley & Michelle Vielbig
(928) 210-0806
Mini Rex, Coronet, Silkie & Texel Cavies
We are a small rabbitry in Southwest Arizona.  We specialize in top show quality Tan and Mini-Rex Rabbits, as well as, Coronet, Silky, and Texel cavies.
Listed: 11/20/09

Hoppy Days Rabbitry



Mini Rex

Raising Mini Rex in Mid-Michigan

Listed: 11/21/09



Sunny Brook Rabbitry
Kim and Cristina Posey
British Columbia, Canada
Mini Lops, Mini Rex(Castor, Blue,Black, Red), Netherland Dwarfs(Otters, Chestnuts), French Lops
Striving for the best type possible in all 4 of our breeds. Always quality before Quantity.
Listed: 11/21/09
Rabbits of the Harvest Moon
Cher Brown/Carrie Lestyk
Mini Rex, Jersey Wooly
Quality rabbits from show winning lines.  Woolies in Broken, Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern.  Mini Rex in Castor.
Listed: 11/21/09
Holding Gold Rabbitry
Mallary Goldman
(214) 796-2356
Mini Rex, Satin, New Zealand, Flemish Giant
Quality Mini Rex in LYNX, LILAC, and CHOCOLATE.  Satins in Black, Chinchilla, and Chocolate.  
Listed: 11/21/09
Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry
Melissa Deitrich
(302) 492-1197
English Angoras, Giant Angoras, Flemish Giant (blue & black) Mini Rex (BEW & Red)
Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry is an ARBA Registered Rabbitry. We (Melissa, Phillip and our daughter Jessica Deitrich), breed and show rabbits to the ARBA Standard.
Listed: 11/21/09
Blue Sky Acres Rabbitry
Emily & Amanda Ritch
Mini Rex
We focus on Mini Rex in the Ruby-Eyed-White variety. 4-H/Pet/Show stock available.
Listed: 11/21/09

Courtney Deneault
(301) 885-8548
Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Raising Holland Lops in standard colors including Blue-Eyed White (BEW), Mini Rexes in Red, Netherland Dwarfs in Chinchilla and Black Silver Marten, and Lionheads in Red, Chestnut, Sable Point, and Blue-Eyed White (BEW). Rabbits available year round.
Listed: 11/21/09
Dynamite Rabbits
Coleman Keegan & Mackenzie Carson
Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Rex, American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Satins
Quality rabbits raised for show, But also make great pets.
Listed: 11/24/09
Aya Sora Rabbitry
Heather Vandiver
Dutch, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Velveteen Lop
Main focus is on Dutch in Blue, Tort and Steel.  Velveteen Lop is just getting under way.
Listed: 11/24/09
Monsoon Rabbitry
Mini Rex, Dutch
Quality Dutch in Black and Blue, and Mini Rex with a focus on Otters.
Listed: 11/24/09
Heather Langdon
Velveteen Lops, Mini Rex, Belgian Hares
Breeder of quality Velveteen Lops, Belgian Hares, and blue eyed white Mini Rex, with other colors available as well.
Listed: 11/24/09

Robison Rabbitry
Joe Robison



Rex, Mini Rex

Listed: 11/24/09

TripleD Farms
Debbie Dominick
South Carolina
New Zealand Whites, Dutch, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Smutts
Started out as a hobby over 8 years ago. Love my rabbits and take great pride in raising them and connecting with others through them.

Listed: 11/24/09
Good Days Rabbitry
Tori Cole
West Virginia
Satin Angoras, Mini Rex, some Mini Lop and Dutch
Good Days Rabbitry focuses on breeding quality Satin Angoras and Mini Rex.  I also have some quality Mini Lops and Dutch that I breed occasionally.  I also have pet quality rabbits if you would just like a bunny to love.  All rabbits are pedigreed and  healthy.  I also offer Satin Angora wool for sale, if interested, as well as, woolers.  Please visit my website and check out the bunnies and their winnings!
Listed: 11/25/09
Hoppy Acres Rabbitry
Sharin Engler
Alberta, Canada

Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionheads & occasionally French Lops & Flemish Giants
Breeding Show Quality Bunnies with Pet Personalities

Listed: 11/25/09
Emi Lou's Rabbitry
Corey and Sunshine O'Connor, Emi Simmons

Mini Rex, German Hybrid Angoras
We specialize in Black, Blue, Broken, Chinchilla, Otter, and REW Mini Rex as well as German Hybrid Angoras.  Check our our website for information or give us a call.
Listed: 11/25/09
Mary Whitney
Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Mini Satins (Chinchilla), Satins, Polish, Silver Fox, Teddy, Satin Teddy
Listed: 11/25/09
Rabbit Run Rabbitry
Lisa, Damen, & Miranda Bunney
Mini Rex
We are a small family owned rabbitry. We only have mini rex and focus on the varieties black, broken black, black otter & the occasional REW.
Listed: 11/25/09
Baby Mini Rex

photo provided by Stephanie of Step Up Mini Rex
Baby Mini Rex

photo provided by Stephanie of Step Up Mini Rex
Wildriver Rabbitry
Natalie Shobe
Mini Rex
Wildriver Rabbitry raises Tort, Sable Point, Sable, Himalayan, Broken, and a sometimes, a few other varieties of Mini Rex in Oregon.
Listed: 11/25/09
Michelle's Rabbits
Michelle Reed

Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Rex, Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealands, Lionheads, Lionlops
Listed: 11/28/09
 Hay-Mou Rabbitry
Corey Hayes & Casey Mouthorp
New York
American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex, English Spots, Tans
Quality Rabbits from Pedigreed and Registered Stock.
Listed: 11/28/09
LiL One's Rabbitry
Jennifer Merry
Mini Rex, New Zealand Crosses
LiL One's Rabbitry raises quality Mini Rex for showing, breeding and pets. We also raise New Zealand cross rabbits for breeding, pets and meat.
Listed: 11/28/09
All Jersey Rabbitry
Stephen Pappas
New Jersey

Belgian Hares, Standard Chinchillas, Tans, Mini Rex (red), New Zealands (white)
All Jersey Rabbitry is an ARBA registered rabbitry, a small rabbitry at that.
Listed: 11/28/09
Bellview Barracks
Toria Gruenwald
Mini-Rex, Creme d'Argents, Silvers, Netherland Dwarfs
Bellview Barracks is a small rabbitry in Northwest Florida. We are a family centered operation dedicated to raising quality rabbits. We believe it is important to continue the breeding of rare breeds with quality stock.

Listed: 11/30/09
A & L Rabbitry
Lorri Lynn

Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Flemish Giants
Located in Glendale Arizona I have been raising and breeding rabbits for 18 years.  I raise and show both the Holland Lop and Mini rex rabbits I also used to show Flemish Giant but just primarily sell them now but love them all.  I also enjoy showing and educating others about rabbits.
Listed: 11/30/09
JAM 'N Buns Rabbitry
Pam Spillner
American Fuzzy Lops, Creme D' Argent, Flemish Giant & Mini Rex
We are an active ARBA/4-H family that breed for quality show stock in Central WI.
Listed: 12/01/09

Bronwyn's Bunnies Rabbitry

Rebecca Blanks

(256) 479-9071

Harlequins, Silver Martens, Creme D'Argents, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex

We are a small family run rabbitry located in North Alabama.  We strive for rabbits that conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection as well has having sweet, loving dispositions.  Currently we raise Harlequin, Silver Marten, Creme D'Argent, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf and Lionhead. Please contact us with any questions!

Listed: 12/01/09

Blue Pez Rabbitry
Misty Hunt
English Lops, Mini Rex (REW, Red), Velveteen Lops
Blue Pez Rabbitry is located in Centralia, WA.  We are concentrating on improving the breed of rabbits we raise, including LONG ears on our lops!  We are fairly new, but on our way with rabbits from great lines!
Listed: 12/01/09
Kaleidoscope Farm
Sharon Michael
Rex, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Kaleidoscope Farm primarily breeds Rex for home meat and fur production in a variety of colors. Foundation stock all came from reputable breeders and all Rex sold come with a 3 generation pedigree. We also occasionally have a few small pet rabbits, Mini Rex and Holland Lop, as I am working to develop a small "Plush Lop" from crosses between the Mini Rex and Holland Lops. More information about this project on the blog here:
Listed: 12/16/09
Enumclaw Exotics Rabbitry
Emily & Marian Brown
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Cinnamons 
Listed: 2/11/2010
Painted Whiskers Rabbitry
Sherry Hines
Polish, Dutch, Mini Rex
Our rabbitry is family operated.  We raise and show Dutch, (Black, Blue, Grey, Tort), Polish (Black, Chocolate, Blue and Brokens in all colors) Mini-Rex (Castor and broken)
Listed: 2/11/2010
Bella's Rabbitry
Hannah T.
Mini Rex and Jersey Woolies
Breeding Quality Mini Rex and Jersey Woolies in Michigan.
Listed: 2/11/2010
White Lightning Rabbitry
Wendy L Showers
English Lop, Mini Rex, Standard Chinchilla
Listed: 4/21/10

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