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Tan Rabbit Breeders

"the Aristocrat of the Fancy"

Tan photos provided by Sarah at Widow Haven Tans


Tan photo provided by Stephen Pappas of All Jersey Rabbitry

Max Weight: 6 lbs.

All Jersey Rabbitry
Stephen Pappas
New Jersey

Belgian Hares, Standard Chinchillas, Tans, Mini Rex (red), New Zealands (white)
All Jersey Rabbitry is an ARBA registered rabbitry, a small rabbitry at that.
Listed: 11/28/09

Hay-Mou Rabbitry
Corey Hayes & Casey Mouthorp
New York
American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rex, English Spots, Tans
Quality Rabbits from Pedigreed and Registered Stock.
Listed: 11/28/09
Widow Haven
Sarah Carden

Specializing in nationally competitive Tan rabbits. Widow Haven Tans- quality so good, it's deadly.
Listed: 12/01/09

Best of Breed Rabbitry

Kristin Renk


Dutch, Tan

Best of Breed Rabbitry breeds quality Dutch and Tan rabbits. Located near Omaha Nebraska
Listed: 12/16/09 

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